FQ Shaheen Manpower



Mr. Quaid Khan, the backbone of FQ Shaheen Manpower, has been extending and applying his rich experience in international manpower management and placement to his brainchild for the last 15 years. Having served in Middle East for over 15 years in the field of Personnel Recruitment. He knows as esteemed professional in the field of manpower management. Mr. Quaid Khan has travelled widely in Arab countries for making contacts as the very important part of this field.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Fawad Khan, as the Chief Executive Officer of FQ Shaheen Manpower, he believes in having only the most experienced Manpower Recruitment Staff, technical experts and legal advisors. He also has association with reputed technical testing institutes to offer you the best possible Manpower Employment Services. Because of his effort our company is well-equipped and well-staffed in all respects. Mr. Fawad Khan is serving for company for last 10 years.